“I want to thank you for your help. I feel reassured to have this service available for my employees during this difficult time.

(SP, veterinary hospital administrator)

Most corporations provide member assistance benefits to their employees, but veterinarians work at smaller businesses, so the Member Assistance Program enables them to have the same access to confidential mental-health care as corporate workers. CorpCare was the most responsive to our needs.

(State Association Director)

Since the State Bar of Georgia’s LAP is all volunteer LAP unlike many others which directly employ trained counselors, CorpCare is the lynchpin of our program. Most of us are familiar with the higher rates of everything – stress, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, other substance use issues and terribly, suicide  – that we lawyers experience. By offering six prepaid counseling sessions through CorpCare, the LAP provides the proactive and external mental health support that attorneys need when self-help strategies that work well for wellness/prevention no longer are sufficient. When a Georgia lawyer reaches out to CorpCare for these services, the response is that of a well-oiled machine: a trained counselor answers the LAP hotline 365/24/7 and provides assessment and triage and generally, a referral. Every effort is made to satisfy an attorney’s request in terms of location, demographics and style of the referred counselor. Beyond the actual services provided, CorpCare lives up to its name: management plays an active role in the LAP process and all concerned care deeply about the quality of CorpCare’s service and our attorneys’ experiences with the program as well as their individual outcomes.  We could not ask for more.

(Chair and Past-Chair of the GA LAP)

Why do you think an EAP is important for your membership?

The Vet Med space has, year over year, been plagued with some of the highest percentage rates of compassion fatigue, burnout, depression, and unfortunately, suicide. Just this last week, our community was rocked by the unexpected passing of 4 veterinary professionals. What the Employee Assistance Program through CorpCare offers our members, is a tool to implement in their practice that quite literally has the ability to save or transform a life. It allows practice leadership within our member practices to refer an employee that is struggling or finding themselves in a crisis, directly to a professional who has the skills to make a positive impact. The CorpCare EAP gives employees a safe place and the opportunity to find help in the areas they are struggling with.

(VP, a national veterinary association)

Why did you select CorpCare as your EAP partner?

We chose to partner with CorpCare because they fully understood the uniqueness and struggles of those who have dedicated their lives and careers to Veterinary medicine. Many outside the veterinary industry are flabbergasted when they learn of the high rate of depression, compassion fatigue, and suicide within the profession. CorpCare was fully aware of these struggles and understood the urgency to offer resources to practices and their employees.

(VP, a national veterinary association)