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Why Does My Company Need an EAP? 

Studies show that companies who implement an EAP will see an average of 33% less use of sick leave benefits, 65% lowered incidence of workplace accidents, 30% reduction in workers compensation claims and 35% decrease in health insurance expenditures.  Beyond statistics, EAP is simply a good business proposition when dealing with employee related problems.

How can my company experience similar results?

To do this an employer must provide services that will support an employee’s mental and physical health. Providing health insurance is not enough.  The CorpCare EAP is a proven and reliable system that responds to the daily employee and dependent issues that negatively affect productivity. 

Companies today recognize the need to acknowledge the social stressors that influence the physical conditions of the employees. CorpCare’s Client Utilization Summary provides us with the key information needed to target problem areas, redirect the employee to the solution and assist them in returning as a productive member of the workforce. The categories listed below represent problem areas that distract employees from being productive in the workplace.

Problem Areas:

Marital - 22% Child/Elder Care - 2% Information - 5%
Behavioral - 7%    Legal - 11%    Abuse - 1%
Anxiety - 2% Work - 6%  Depression - 8%
Stress - 14%  Grief - 2% Financial - 4%
Substance Addiction - 6% Family - 10%   

Are all EAP's the same? 

No. Each company has different needs and its decision is driven by those specific needs.

What should my company look for in an EAP?

All EAP companies utilize skilled counselors to provide their primary counseling services and skilled trainers to conduct educational seminars as well as subcontract with vendors to provide specialized services, i.e. eldercare, childcare, work/life programs. All EAP companies provide promotional materials, around the clock emergency help lines and various kinds of utilization reports.

So what is different besides pricing? Customer service. The key question a prospective purchaser must ask is, "How involved do we want our EAP to be in our company?" The CorpCare EAP as a ‘boutique’ firm remains more assessable, less bureaucratic, and able to redesign a more effective program for your company immediately. 

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