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The last several years have seen a number of worldwide traumatic events interrupting our lives and making it difficult to balance personal and professional needs. Many workers are absolutely suffering with mental health issues as a result of this, and one of the most important things any organizational leader can do is introduce Employee Assistance Programs for mental health.

The Many Perils Facing Today’s Employees

An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP for mental health, is a program which is designed to help employers meet the mental health needs for their employees in order to ensure that they’re well cared for. Employees whose emotional and mental health needs aren’t met tend to quit more often and to be less productive when they do show up for work. It’s a matter not only of compassion but also efficiency and practicality to ensure that they have access to the care they need. A proper EAP offers help with issues such as substance abuse, crisis management, and even therapeutic services in the event that you need to downsize your company and help employees cope with the traumas of sudden loss of employment.

Learning to Care for Yourself

In addition to providing all the above services, a proper employee assistance program in mental health will come with professionals who are ready and able to engage in counseling and training to ensure that your employees understand what resources are available to them and how to call upon them in a time of need. This creates powerful dividends via fostering a workplace culture of security and resiliency.