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Employee Assistance Programs, or EAP programs for employees, are programs which are designed to offer mental health counseling and therapy in response to workplace related issues that can adversely affect the mental health of workers. Because the mental health of workers is crucial to their performance, EAP therapy is a benefit that employers should be careful not to overlook.

A World of Help is Available

A proper EAP program for employees should offer a wide variety of EAP counseling services. The needs of employees suffering from mental health related issues can be vast and complicated, and it’s important to have a service that recognizes this and is prepared to meet them head-on. For instance, a proper program will be equipped to provide EAP therapy in the event of an employee reduction event such as a large downsizing at a company. It should also be able to employ therapy and counseling services immediately in response to workplace incidents and crises such as accidents, traumatic world events, and so on. It’s even the case that the most robust EAP programs for employees will need to handle workplace substance abuse services as well.

The Crucial Ingredient: Training and Consulting

Being equipped to offer EAP training and consulting is the ultimate secret sauce for an EAP program for employees that will actually pay off. The best benefits are those which are actually used by the employees to whom they are offered. Training and consulting are useful for helping employees understand what services are available to them, and how they can access them when they are needed. Over time, as employees feel protected, this can help to create an organizational culture rooted in resiliency, which is a major benefit of EAP.