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How Employee Assistance Program Training Can Benefit Your Business

Employees who are motivated and happy are more likely to be the most productive. When you set your employees up for success through proper employee training, your company will be able to enjoy the immense benefits. CorpCare provides general educational training, along with training specifically designed for you with your team in mind. If you have a topic in mind that you believe would help build team cohesion, increase morale, or help employees with their work or personal lives, we create and present that content. We can also use our regular utilization reports to help identify the presenting concerns for your employee population to present targeted wellness seminars. CorpCare has trainers with extensive experience who bring their passion to your team.

CorpCare partners with Personal Advantage to bring you access to our LifeAdvantages platform. Here you will find over 20,000 resources including assessments, videos, courses, articles, webinars and trainings. You, and your employees, can access training any time on topics related to communication, professional development, leadership, work-life balance, and interpersonal skills.

The exact form of support that is provided can vary greatly from one EAP program to the next. However, the average EAP is created in a way that offers a variety of solutions for employee aid. Even though the services that are provided may be different, the goal of giving employees the support they need to address the factors impacting their emotional and mental health is always the same. For more information, contact us today.