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Choose CorpCare For EAP Mental Health Services

There is an increased understanding of the role of mental health in the workforce and the workplace. Businesses and companies, partner with CorpCare Associates, Inc. to provide a comprehensive EAP mental health service for their organizations.

Our employee mental health program offerings are designed to meet the needs of employers across all industries. Our experience and expertise in providing EAP therapy for mental health allow us to match exceptional therapists and providers with your employees, resulting in a positive workplace that offers the support and assistance employees truly need.

The Benefits of EAP Mental Health Programs

It can be overwhelming and difficult for employees to find their own therapists. In addition, many employees are hesitant to reach out, uncertain of how to choose a professional.

CorpCare Associates, Inc. manages the process of providing quality EAP mental health services for your business and your employees. We carefully select the best certified professional therapists to work with your employees. Our EAP mental health providers support your team members in managing stress, dealing with family and relationship problems, handling work difficulties, and managing EAP health care issues such as depression, alcohol and drug abuse, or critical workplace issues. We also offer staff training to help support your entire organization.

When you need a proven employee assistance program for mental health, trust the experts at CorpCare Associates, Inc. For more information on our EAP mental health services or in choosing the right employee mental health program for your company, call us at 877-843-6063. We can also be reached online through our website.