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“64% of workers report struggling with mental health
91% of those say they’re less productive”



Life gets messy, and it’s hard to prevent our personal issues from impacting our job performance. The opposite is true, too, as we often take work stress home with us. When those two worlds collide, our mental health may be negatively impacted. Sometimes we need help sorting it all out. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help with just that, at no cost to you.

EAPs are designed to help you balance the space between life and work. Your program offers many services that can help alleviate some of life’s top stressors to support mental and emotional well-being. Among them is free and confidential mental health counseling . And the best part is, this service is not only available to you but also to your household members!

What is counseling?

We define counseling as a 55-minute talk-therapy session with a licensed mental health provider in your state (Licensed Professional Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist, or Psychologist). Counseling is a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to work through difficult feelings, issues, and challenges with a skilled and knowledgeable professional. To access this benefit, you simply call the EAP Helpline. Our team will assess your needs and connect you to providers in our network or with BetterHelp™. We’ve partnered with BetterHelp™ to expand our telehealth network and offerings; BetterHelp™ is an all-virtual platform that offers video, telephonic, and chat therapy.

What can I use EAP counseling to address?

Stress • Anxiety • Depression • Relationship Issues • Grief & Loss • Work Difficulties • Life Transitions • Burnout Emotional Upsets • Marital Concerns • Substance Use • Family Stress • Parenting Problems • & More!

CorpCare’s Employee Assistance Program is here to help.
If you are interested in adding confidential, caring, professional assistance for your team, call