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“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.””

Stephen Covey

How boring would life be if we were all the same? Our diverse experiences, cultures, talents, and backgrounds add so much value to our workplaces and communities. They deserve to be celebrated! The more we know about others, the more we have to build meaningful connections. This month, let’s honor and amplify the things that make us who we are!

Get to Know Someone New

Become curious about those around you by asking intentional questions. For example,
“What and who inspires you?” “What are three words your friends would use to describe you?” “What assumptions do people usually make about you that are wrong?”

Celebrate Yourself

Discover what sets you apart, and share it with others! Do you have a unique skill you can showoff? Is there something about you that stands out from the mainstream? Or an interesting history you can talk about with friends or on social media? Identify the things that make you YOU and share proudly!

Celebrate Pride

June is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+community. This month-long observance began after the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969. Pride Month is a time to highlight LGBTQIA+ rights and culture. Participate by educating yourself, donating to LGBTQIA+focused
organizations, or by attending a Pride Month celebration in your community.

Honor Juneteenth

Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. The catalyst for this holiday took place on June19th, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger proclaimed freedom for Black slaves in Texas. Participate by learning this day’s
history, hosting a celebratory gathering with friends and family, visiting a Black History museum, and supporting Black-owned businesses in your area.

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