George Martin

About Us

CorpCare Associates, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with satellite offices in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas, was formed in 1991.  CorpCare, and the organizations we serve, recognize that an employee's problems affect productivity and work problems affect home life. Our mission is to resolve a troubled employee's issues, manage the most effective treatment choices, and to monitor their progress for the most successful outcome.   To accomplish these critical goals, CorpCare has available over 11,000 professionals nationwide.  Additionally, CorpCare can assist with international employee locations as needed.

We specialize in behavioral health services that guide the troubled employee to cost-effective options while simultaneously guarding against inappropriate treatment choices that may result in higher benefit costs. The "CorpCare Approach" - an EAP that intervenes quietly, efficiently, and competently.  This approach influences 88% of our cases and without referring to a medical benefit plan.

President and CEO George W. Martin, Jr., M.Div., MA, has conducted EAP services for a variety of corporations, hospitals, manufacturers, and law enforcement agencies since 1986. He has served on the Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA) as president of the board and is a member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).

Our Values
Since 1991, CorpCare Associates, Inc. has assisted thousands of employees and dependents attempting to resolve personal problems that affect productivity, health, and relationships.  Over the years, we have grown as a company, recognizing these principles that guide us daily.  We believe these to be critical elements in all operations and intent.

  1. Customer service is our top priority to the employer, employee, and family member.
  2. Reliability remains our operational focus, while accountability is our keystone.
  3. Our highest value is our relationship with the employee and those we serve as our clients.
  4. We strive for excellence, practicing integrity in all endeavors.
  5. We are passionate about helping others.
  6. We are a mission-driven company.

    Thank you for considering CorpCare, where we do not take your trust for granted. We appreciate your interest and hope you find this information helpful. Realizing during times of crisis that you selected the right EAP provides an invaluable sense of security.