Welcome to the CorpCare Employee Assistance Program

CorpCare Associates has been providing compassionate care since the early nineties.

We pride ourselves on professional, responsive customer service and the flexible designs of our Employee Assistance Program.

We’ve proved that a healthy employee creates a healthy company. That’s why we customize our service to each organization’s culture as well as every individual needing care.  Our primary goal is to provide relevant care for real problems.

By using the CorpCare EAP, employees have increased productivity, decreased personal problems that increase health-related costs, and prevented problems from arising by providing troubled persons with personal coping strategies.

We provide access to professional care through a national network that consists of more than 11,000 therapists. With our preventative approach to mental health, we serve some three hundred thousand covered members throughout the nation. The CorpCare EAP is a preventative benefit and provides troubled employees with the right care before their health issues become a problem for the company.

These are some of the services CorpCare’s Four Program Models provide:

  • Professional counseling services to employees and families through personal confidential sessions.
  • Emergency services and critical incident debriefing.
  • Work-life programs that include elder care, childcare, and assistance with legal and financial referrals.
  • Robust wellness services and programs.
  • Orientation and training for management and employees.
  • Consultation on employee performance issues.
  • Regular and informative utilization reports.
  • A language translation service covering 240 languages.
  • 24/7/365 availability of Master’s level therapists.

CorpCare Associates, Inc. has assisted thousands of employees and dependents attempting to resolve personal problems that affect productivity, health and relationships. Over the years, we have grown as a company recognizing these principles that guide us daily. We believe these to be critical elements in all operations and intent.

1. Customer service is our top priority to the employer, employee and family member.
2. Reliability remains our operational focus, while accountability is our keystone.
3. Our greatest value is our relationship with the employee and those we serve as our client.
4. We strive for excellence, practicing integrity in all endeavors.
5. We foster a passion for helping others.
6. We are a mission-driven company.

Thank you for considering CorpCare where we do not take your trust for granted. We appreciate your interest and hope you find this information helpful. Realizing during times of crisis that you selected the right EAP provides an invaluable sense of security.

"We aim to care for your company by caring for the employee, with a comprehensive EAP developed by our experienced team of professionals.  CorpCare Associates. Where compassionate confidential care is just a phone call away."

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