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Resiliency for your people when they need it most!

Your Employee Assistance Program Partner


Caring for them, because we care about you

Not all EAP providers are created equal, and you can’t afford to gamble on incomplete or short-term mental healthcare for your team when they need it.

Your employees are your most precious asset and many of them are struggling with their emotional health. We provide the resources to ensure you are there for them with the critical support they need most, so they can be there for you.

Employee stress puts pressure on your entire organization. We understand. That’s why we are on the front line, providing full access to private, certified professional help so you can both operate at peak productivity.


Employee stress puts added pressure on the entire organization, and if key personnel are hit with a crisis, your organization needs to be ready to help them navigate it. That’s why we provide much more than EAP. Our training, consulting and organizational services ensure you can respond with resiliency.

Employee Assistance

The mental and emotional wellbeing of your employees is more crucial to your organization’s success than ever before.


Our experts are standing by to train your team on the features of EAP and how to access our programs for the best results possible.

Organizational Development


Is your organization spending too much time dealing with people problems? Let us help you create a culture of resiliency.



Your organization is unique, and your EAP should be designed to match your needs. Our experts can provide the guidance to design a program that’s a perfect fit.

Employement Reduction Counseling


If you are faced with a reduction in force, our EAP counselors can be present, assisting employees in managing their emotions and dealing with the shock of job loss.

Hotline Services


Crisis doesn’t wait for business hours. That’s why we provide 24/7 access to the certified support you need right away.

Incident & Crisis Management


Workplace incidences and crises are on the rise. We help you build a plan for resiliency in your organization so you and your employees are prepared.

Workplace Substance Abuse Services


Substance misuse is common in the workplace. We offer counseling and other support resources so your employees can remain productive and successful.



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EAP Counselors To Help Your Business Grow

At CorpCare, our EAP counselors understand the importance of providing your employees with the EAP services that are necessary to maintain their emotional and mental health so their work performance is not adversely impacted.

Caring for Your Most Valuable Asset

The people who work within your business are your most valuable asset. When they are faced with mental and emotional turmoil, it can have a negative impact on the well-being of your entire company. Through employee counseling programs like those offered by CorpCare, you will have access to the necessary resources that you need to provide them with the support that they require.

Optimal Support Services

When your employees are stressed out, the pressure is felt throughout your entire organization. EAP therapy and other EAP counseling services are the ideal way to ensure everyone has the support that they need to do their best while working to the best of their abilities to help your business grow and prosper.

Providing the Support to Grow Your Business Successfully

At CorpCore, it is our goal to provide you and your employees with the best employee support program possible. You will not find the professional EAP support that we offer from any other EAP. We offer certified work life services and workplace solutions that will not only benefit the mental and emotional well-being of each and every individual in your employee but will also provide the support you need to help your business grow and succeed.

Why EAP Counseling Services Are Necessary?

Employment counseling services provide a way to help employees with any personal issues that may be affecting their job performance. EAP counseling services work to identify and address a variety of mental, social, and emotional issues. The certified EAP counselors at CorpCare specialize in organizational assessment employee education, management consultation, individual assessment, short-term counseling, and treatment referrals.

Companies that decide to incorporate EAP program counseling in order to create a productive work environment. The main goal of adding an employee assistance counselor to your strategy is to ensure the mental and emotional health of your employees so that they will be able to contribute consistently to the growth of the organization.

What Is Included in EAP Services?

EAP Counseling for legal, financial, eldercare, and childcare are all available. Staff and HR counseling as well as employment reduction counseling are also included. A professional EAP clinical counselor has experience in everything from stress-related illness and drug addiction to grief and marital problems.

EAP programs have proven to be wildly effective according to the companies that employ them and the employees at those companies. When an employee has a thing going on in their lives that is affecting their ability to be present and does their job properly, problems can result for the company as a whole.

Avoid mistakes, reductions in productivity, and flaring tempers by including the best EAP program with licensed counselors. You will be able to effectively reduce the amount of time that employees spend away from work and ensure that they will return to work with renewed mental and emotional strength. Schedule your consultation today when you call 1-877-843-6036.


Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) aids by helping to clarify, redirect and consider helpful options. Assisting your employees in achieving their personal goals is our purpose. EAP is provided as a benefit at no cost to employees to help resolve personal or work-related problems that might interfere with productivity. With our EAP, help is immediate, and interruptions are minimized.

  • Marital/Relationship Concerns
  • Parenting Problems
  • Family Problems
  • Work Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Supervisory Referral
  • Stress Problems
  • Financial/Legal Referral
  • Substance Misuse
  • Eldercare/Childcare Referral
  • Critical Workplace Incidents
  • Staff Training
  • Marital/Relationship Concerns
  • Parenting Problems
  • Family Problems
  • Work Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Supervisory Referral
  • Stress Problems
  • Financial/Legal Referral
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse
  • Eldercare/Childcare Referral
  • Critical Workplace Incidents
  • Staff Training