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Summary of the EAP


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides easy access to professional, confidential brief counseling to employees and family members.

Covered Problems: Covered problems include but are not limited to:

Marital (communication, affection, conflicts, separation, divorce and other issues)

Family (parenting, peer relations, school performance, conduct and other issues)

Substance Use, both personal use and use by others (alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs)

Psychological (depression, grief, anxiety, panic, eating, sleep, personality and other problems; family members' problems)

Job (performance, relations, stress, conflict and other concerns)

Financial (budgeting, spending, debt, bankruptcy, investment and other issues)

Legal (housing, family, consumer, will and estate, credit and other issues) 


Full-time and part-time employees and family members who are eligible for insurance coverage are covered by the EAP. CorpCare’s integrated EAP and Work-Life services are extended to eligible participants of the employee. CorpCare defines eligible participants as a family member/significant other who resides with the covered employee and full-time college students up to 25 years old.


EAP offers you 24-hour phone assistance and up to the contracted number of sessions provided by your employer. Legal, eldercare and childcare referral services are included in the EAP. EAP clinical sessions are for assessment and short-term counseling. The EAP can assist with a referral, if necessary, to other professionals. These other professional's fees are not covered through the EAP, but may be covered through the employee's insurance benefit program.


Involves helping clients form goals, assessing the symptoms and stressors that clients are experiencing, effects of problems upon health and other areas of clients' lives, and developing action plans.

Short-Term Counseling:

Involves providing support, teaching clients coping skills, providing therapeutic assignments, and other means of help that utilize goal-oriented, problem-solving techniques.


EAP counselors may refer clients to other professionals if a problem is serious. It is always the client's choice whether or not they choose to follow these recommendations. Other professionals include physicians, psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and outpatient and inpatient treatment programs. Additionally, the EAP maintains a list of other resources such as community mental health centers, financial counselors, lawyers, self-help groups, social service agencies, and other resources that may offer services for free or based upon ability to pay.


Services are strictly confidential. All client and therapist conversations and records remain as privileged confidential communication. Information is not released by the counselor to anyone without written consent from the client. A client may consent, if they wish, to have specific information given to their doctors or other responsible person(s). The only reasons for revealing information without a client's consent is probable danger (such as if a client threatens to hurt him/herself or others); threatening a vulnerable adult (elderly or handicapped); threatening a child; or due to a court order. The name of any employee or dependent using EAP services is not provided to the employer. EAP records are not viewed by the employer and do not become part of an employee personnel file. EAP records are kept in secured areas and are unavailable except to EAP counselors. General utilization reports describing the program's use do not include employees' names.


EAP services are free to you and your family members. If further assistance is recommended, then an EAP counselor is available to discuss potential costs, available providers, and coverage, if any, by the company insurance plan(s). If the counselor does not have access to your employer's insurance plan, please contact your Human Resources department.


Employees and family members can call the EAP at any time on the Help Line: 1-800-728-9444. Emergency assistance is available immediately. All calls are returned quickly. In non-emergency situations, appointments are scheduled usually within 72 hours by calling the EAP office.

EAP Provider:

Your EAP is provided by CorpCare Associates, Inc. CorpCare Associates, Inc. provides services through our 11,000-member network of assessment therapists in 50 states as well as Canada. EAP counselors possess master's degrees in counseling, are licensed, certified in various areas such as substance abuse counseling, and have at least three (3+) years of experience. 

Thank you for placing your trust in CorpCare. If we can better serve you, please let us know how.

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