My Secure Advantage

CONGRATULATIONS! You are enrolled in a program that will dramatically change your financial life!

Instant Cash Back & More In Your Pocket Every Month!

You are instantly eligible for MSA Cash Advantage, which will pay you in cash just for being a member of MSA. In addition, MSA members working with a personal, confidential Money Coach for a few months typically see an average of $250/month additional cash in their pocket!

Your Financial Stress Will Go Down...

Financial problems cause great emotional stress and can lead to physical ailments. When your financial stress goes down, your health, emotional attitude, and well-being will all improve.

Your Bank Balances Will Increase...

Money in the bank is like your financial safety net. With cash reserves in the bank, you can weather unexpected storms, be prepared for emergency expenditures, and have reserve funds for something you’ve wanted for a long time or to fund a vacation.

Your Bills and Debts Will Go Down...

Reducing your bills and debts is the best way to have money left over at the end of the month. All the money you have left over can be directed to retirement accounts, investments and other, more productive purposes. 

Your Credit Score Will Go Up...

Your credit score is far more important than you may realize. With a better credit score, you’ll qualify for better loan rates, lower your interest rates on credit cards and loans, and much, much more.

What benefits do I have access to with the MSA program?

The MSA program is comprised of three main components: financial coaching and resources; Identity Theft protection, prevention and recovery; and legal referrals and discounts from network service providers. Below is an overview of MSA’s services; additional detailed information is available on the MSA website at

Financial Coaching and Resources

  • Live Coaching with an MSA Money Coach
  • Credit restoration and review
  • Access to online tools, information and calculators
  • Monthly Personal Finance Newsletter and Smart Money Tips (email)
  • On-site classes at your workplace with a large variety of available topics
  • Online live classes at scheduled times and pre-recorded classes available 24/7 through the members’ private login website
  • Interactive Online Financial Forums with live Q&A with a Money Coach
  • Discounts on tax preparation
Identity Theft Protection / Identity Monitoring
  • Continuous protection from the fastest growing crime in America
  • Automatic alerts if identity thieves use a member’s Social Security Number (SSN) and/or name and D.O.B.
  • Dedicated Fraud Resolution Specialists™ working to protect you and provide recovery services
  • Monthly Identity Theft Protection Tip (email)
Free Legal Consultations and Discounts
  • Unlimited Legal referrals
  • Free legal consultations with local lawyers
  • 25% discount on all legal fees
  • Access to free legal documents, forms and other resources
  • Free simple last will and testament