is CorpCare's interactive service provider for our Work-Life online services. Through this cohesive partnership, we enhance our client’s ability to reach out and “touch” significantly greater numbers of employees, benefiting the employee and the organization. 

LifeHub is an online life management tool for employees and their families, which is available 24/7. It was developed by a team of experts to provide personal and professional learning.  This type of expertise and support was designed to provide ongoing health management and self-promotion for employees on a daily basis, right from their computers.

LifeHub offers ten life management hubs to which employees can return to over and over, to improve the quality of their personal and their professional lives, including:

Stress Relationships
Health and Fitness Leadership
Emotional Health and Well-being Career Skills
Performance Personal Finance
Parenting Child/Elder Care

LifeHub does not just give you articles online; instead, we have created an interactive complete Online Personal & Professional Development Desk Top Support System, including articles, tips, learning tools, training programs, ask-the expert, wellness programs, disease management and much more. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current client who is interested in receiving these services, please contact your Client Services Manager.