ElderCare - ChildCare

Through our partnership with BrownRichards& Associates, Inc., CorpCare offers access to an industry leader who specializes in Eldercare, Childcare, Adoption and Education Referrals. BrownRichards knows how difficult it is for employees to balance work and family, so they developed The Family Referral Partnership. This unique, 24-hour call-in partnership links employees who need resources and information in the area of dependent care with our work/life consultants. 

Eldercare Referrals 

Area agencies on aging, elder attorneys, local/national organizations, adult day care, retirement communities, senior centers, assisted living/personal care, nutrition programs, subsidized senior housing, respite care, hospitals, transportation services. 

Childcare Referrals

Academic services, enrichment programs, child care centers, school-age care, family day care providers, before & after school care, in-home/nanny agencies care, public & private schools, summer resident camps, special needs care, summer day camps, back up/drop in programs, preschool/mother's morning out, shift/emergency care.

Adoption Referrals

Private agencies, adoption counselors, public agencies, adoption attorneys, post-adoption support, state adoption units, adoption match.

College Information

Educational consultants, college on-line services, financial aid resources, college resources, two-year institutions, four- year colleges & universities.

For more information on these services, call our Help Line: 1-800-728-9444, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.